Training Large Numbers of Staff in a Corporate Setting

Organise your staff training with the Esky supervisor account.

With a purchase of more than one license you will automatically be set up with a supervisor account at no extra cost. This will allow you to track the progress of your staff and control the printing of certificates.

Discounts are available on orders of 25 licenses or more. For large organisations we offer branded sub-sites for delivery of the online courses. The Esky system is completely scalable and robust to allow for thousands of people to be using the system at the same time with no disruption to service.

Corporate Accounts

We operate standard sales ledger accounts for many of our corporate clients in both the public and private sectors. Please call us for further details.

Esky Short Courses

Organisations with large numbers of staff requiring basic statutory training will benefit from the Esky short courses which cover all elements of Health & Safety and Food Safety.

These short courses are based on the content from our main titles which were built against the relevant Royal Society for Public Health syllabus and audited by independent EHOs, and are ideal for top up or refresher training. Picking and mixing some or the key core elements will be ideal for staff induction.

They enable training and development managers to focus on specific subjects that need reinforcing throughout the year without their staff having to sit through a complete course every time.

The integral management system will record progress and store the relevant data for auditing and due diligence purposes.

The online availability from Esky enables training for everyone at any time in any place. Members of staff do not have to leave their workplace and the interactive nature of our subject delivery reinforces the learning message.

The Health & Safety shorts are as follows:

The Food Safety shorts are as follows:

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