About Esky Learning

Our Mission

Our central ethos is focused around learning through immersive and inclusive courses that inspire positive working practices. We value the importance of the health and safety of your business, employees and customers and we aim to make workplace environments as efficient and protected as possible.

At ESKY, we strive to deliver a learning platform that is dynamic and interesting, and we have accomplished this by incorporating animation and interactive games. We offer innovative and user-friendly training products that are a cost-effective e-learning experience for all businesses across various industries. We utilise e-learning to ensure that health and safety training is more efficient and accessible, which in turn enables more businesses to meet legal obligations and remain compliant.

Why is Esky different?

Our aim is to make the learning experience as dynamic and interesting as possible using animation and interactive games.

Our online courses are ideal for large or small businesses as well as single users. This is a cost effective method of training - there's no need to travel away from the working premises and it enables you to meet legal obligations for compliance.


Esky Explained

If you have more questions about our distance learning courses, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Esky's history

Our courses were directed and animated by the 2011 BAFTA winners The Brothers McLeod in 2003, whose work has been seen on BBC, E4 and Channel 4, AtomFilms.com and at several film festivals.

The courses were developed using syllabus from the Royal Society for Public Health and are endorsed and audited by independent Environmental Health Officers.

Our core group of titles is now expanding and our latest course is an adaptation of Food Safety Level 2 to suit the needs of the food manufacturing industry.

About our e-learning courses

Esky e-learning courses are innovative and user-friendly training products. Our Food Safety, Fire Safety, Workstations and VDUs (DSE), Manual Handling and Health & Safety courses are available through this website. We also have induction courses, alcohol licensing and first aid awareness, as well as short refresher courses and sector-specific training such as Moving and Handling for the care sector.

Audited and approved by EHOs

Our course content is audited by independent Environmental Health Officers to ensure that our material is mapped against National Occupational Standards. We are also CPD certified.


The Courses

Each course is divided into modules. The modules provide information in the form of animation and interactive games. The course doesn't have to be completed in one sitting, it automatically tracks the trainee's progress.
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Each course has a multiple-choice assessment (except for the VDU course which has a workstation self-assessment). The questions are randomly selected from a bank of questions. The assessment can be taken as many times as needed to pass. Once passed the trainee can print a certificate.


Each course provides a colour certificate once the trainee has passed a multi-choice assessment. The certificate can be printed directly from the course.


Course Notes

We have added an additional feature to our Food Safety, Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Hazard Awareness courses whereby, after successfully completing the assessment at the end, you are able to download a full set of course notes. These can be saved to your computer or printed out. They contain the key points from the course content and are useful as a quick reference guide.



For supervisors with multiple trainees we provide a management control panel. The control panel allows supervisors to add trainees, monitor their progress and print certificates.

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Our Values


We strive to make our e-learning resources accessible to all businesses, regardless of size and industry. It is really important to us that all businesses and their employees are able to participate in good quality training at affordable prices. That’s why we offer our training in a variety of modules that can be incorporated into a range of sectors including hospitality, education, construction, manufacturing and much more. Our tailored courses and modules ensure that your business can choose the training it requires, saving time, money and resources.



At Esky, we haveover 15 years of experience in delivering high quality distance learning courses. We provide only the very best training, so your business can rest assured that it is compliant and as safe as possible. Our course content is audited by independent Environmental Health Officers to ensure that our material is mapped against National Occupational Standards. We are also CPD certified.

Fun for Everyone

Many health and safety training courses use paper handouts or static slides to communicate the learning but at Esky, we want to make it fun for everyone. That’s why we incorporate audio visual and interactive animation to deliver an innovative and refreshing learning experience. Training should be engaging and captivating, making the user want to learn as opposed to being uninterested. Our courses are a memorable experience, meaning that those who use our training come out of it retaining more knowledge and understanding.

Our Team

The Esky team are experts in their fields and are dedicated to effective and enjoyable learning outcomes. We are a team of hospitality experts, animators, script writers and online learning specialists. Our team is committed to providing industry leading health and safety training courses for all to enjoy.

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