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Accreditation and Audits

Q. Are Esky courses recognised?

A. Yes, the courses are audited by independent Environmental Health Officers and CPD certified.

Q. How do I know if your courses are up to standard?

A. The courses are audited annually by EHOs who are members of the RSPH and CIEH. They make sure the content in our courses matches the correct standards. We are able to supply our audit letters upon request. When we are notified of changes to legislation we include these changes in the courses.

Q. Why aren't you accredited by the RSPH or CIEH?

A. These organisations don't accredit anyone else's courses. This is why we make sure our courses are independently audited.

Q. Should I be taking a CIEH course?

A. There's absolutely no need to take a CIEH course for level 1 or 2 as these are the basic levels and are perfectly suited to e-learning. We recommend taking a CIEH course for levels 3 and above as these currently require a more traditional classroom based approach. Esky only offers basic level courses therefore an online delivery is accepted and recognised.



Q. Will you send me a certificate in the post?

A. No, you can print your own certificate upon completion of the course and assessment.

Q. What happens if I can't print my certificate right now?

A. It will save into the system and you can retrieve it at any time by logging in.



Q. What do I need in order to play the course?

A. You'll need speakers or headphones, a broadband connection. Our courses work using HTML5 so are compatible on Windows, Apple, tablets and mobile devices.

Q. Do I have to watch the course in one sitting?

A. No, your progress will be saved throughout the course meaning you can log out and return to it an unlimited amount of times during the 1 year license period.


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