Why e-learning?

At Esky we are often asked about the benefits of e-learning over classroom learning. We believe that benefits lie with both but here we will look at how e-learning can help an organisation and an individual.

Cost effective.

Learning content is expensive and time consuming to produce, but with e-learning you are able to train staff without the consideration of variables such as travel to a classroom, accommodation, no-shows and subsistence, therefore increasing your return on investment.

You are also able to immerse the learner in an environment such as a kitchen online without the costs of recreating an actual environment in a classroom.

Animation and Interactive Games.

Whereas most online training involves reading slides off the screen at Esky, we use animation and interactive game to deliver our courses.  They're fun to watch, and can get a message across that words or audio (or even video in some instances) cannot.

Our training also incorporates interactive elements that prompt the trainee to actively participate.

Productivity and Consistency.

E-learning reduces time away from the workplace and is often completed in down time. The combination of instructional design; interactive exercises and multimedia increases retention and provides employees with the tools to enhance their performance within the workplace.

Online courses also enable a consistent delivery for all users. Classroom delivery maybe delivered differently across sessions and tutors.

Learning around your schedule.

once set up each trainee can then log in at any time, on any computer and start their training. Each course is also split into modules and doesn’t have to be taken all at once, so each employee can fit training around their work schedule.

Monitoring and records.

The Esky system also keeps a record of every member of staffs training and tracks their progress and results for due diligence purposes.

Work at your own pace.

Every trainee is able to work at their own place. They can pause the course to take notes and re-watch any module if they need to.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here why not send us an email via our contact page, we will try and find out the answer and get back to you.

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