Reasons NOT to renew your Food Safety certificate

26 01 2021 / Posted in: Food Safety Myths
Today we are taking a look at the reasons people often cite for NOT renewing their certificates. Our aim is to put them in perspective, because as we will see they are not quite right...
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History of Esky Learning

18 01 2021 / Posted in: General News
We have celebrated somewhat of a birthday recently at Esky and realised that we have been running for over 15 years. It has made us a little reminiscent, thinking about where we have come from, and importantly, what us in store for the future!
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The Benefits Of Completing A Safety Course Online

11 01 2021 / Posted in: E-Learning
If you are looking to complete a safety course, consider doing things online. There are a number of benefits that come with opting for an online safety course and Esky courses are a very popular way of doing things. We have listed four of the key reasons to do things online below.
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5 Safety Courses To Implement In The Workplace

30 09 2020 / Posted in: Food Hygiene News
Health and safety training is an essential part of operating a business regardless of your industry or sector.
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Top Tips for Holding A Workplace Safety Induction

18 09 2020 / Posted in: Health & Safety Resource
Workplace safety is of utmost importance for the protection of employees and customers that are in the vicinity of your working space. A workplace safety induction is the leading way to teach a person how to be safe and share information that is going to help protect themselves and those around them.
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5 Food Safety Tips For Your Business

26 08 2020 / Posted in: Food Hygiene News
Without good food hygiene, there is no guarantee that the food you are making and selling is safe to eat. Not only can this be dangerous to those consuming the food, but it can be detrimental to the success of the business overall.
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The Importance Of First Aid Training Refreshers

10 08 2020 / Posted in: General News
There is a lot to learn when you undergo first aid training and over time you may become unfamiliar with some of the techniques. To ensure that you are doing things correctly, consider booking a first aid refresher course online.
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How Online Health & Safety Training Can Transform Your Business

20 07 2020 / Posted in: Health & Safety Resource
There are a number of ways to complete health & safety training as a business, but doing so can be inconvenient if you are managing a busy and successful team.
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We're here to help - Response to COVID-19

19 03 2020 / Posted in: General News
At Esky we take your business seriously. We want to let you know that we are monitoring the developing situation and have taken preventative measures to ensure there is no impact to our service.
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Summer Sale | 50% off Fire Safety Training

25 07 2019 / Posted in: Fire Safety Resource
We are kicking off this Summer with a huge 50% sale off our Fire Safety training, which is perfect for Fire Safety training requirements.
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