Free Fire Safety Resources

Continuing our ongoing commitment to make Health and Safety simpler and easier to understand, we have been developing a range of FREE Fire Safety resources.


Fire Classification Chart

Fires can be  identified according to a fire classification. Each class identifies the fuel involved, which results in pin pointing the most appropriate way to extinguish the fire.

Identifying the correct fire classifications allow the safe selection of a safe extinguishing agents along lines of effectiveness at putting the type of fire out.

Download our Free Fire Classification Chart now.



Types of Fire Extinguishers Chart

There are many different types of fire extinguisher available. Each type will perform dierent
roles in the event of different classes of fire.

Our Types of Fire Extinguishers chart is a more indepth look at which extinguisher is most effective against the different types of fire, how they work, how to use them and anything you should not do.

Download our Free Types of Fire Extinguishers chart now.

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