Specialists in online courses providing essential certificates in Food Safety Level Two, Fire Safety and Health & Safety

UK based Esky Learning Ltd has been established for over 15 years and delivers distance learning courses which are simple and easy to use, making training quick and effective for both individual users and businesses of any size.

We use audio visual, interactive animation to deliver our e-learning courses in an enjoyable and refreshing format and our courses are independently audited and updated regularly to meet current legislation.

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A Brief History of Esky

The first training programme we developed was a basic online food safety course in 2003, and since then we have added new courses year upon year. Following the food safety certificate we developed our online fire safety course and health and safety courses. Due to demand from our diverse customer base we developed a DSE awareness course and a manual handling course. In recent years we have continued to grow our offering to include a wider variety of courses that cover inductions and refresher training. We continue to grow our training suite based on feedback from our customers. Find out more about us...


The latest from our Blog

What is the difference between ‘Use By’ and ‘Best Before’ dates? - We often find that many people get confused between ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ dates. They are often aware that there is a difference between the two, but not necessarily sure what to do when encountering them...

Are Plastic Chopping boards more hygienic than wooden ones? - Another common Food Safety question we often hear is 'Are plastic chopping boards more hygienic than wooden chopping boards?'...


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