History of Esky Learning

We have celebrated somewhat of a birthday recently at Esky and realised that we’ve been running for over 15 years. It’s made us a little reminiscent, thinking about where we’ve come from, and importantly, what’s in store for the future!

Esky was set up with the mission to make essential Health and Safety related training something, quite frankly, it often is not - FUN!
We have all seen too many text-to-speech audio and stock-photo/power-point style training offering  and always felt life was too short. At times colleagues would tell us they could ‘hear the brains cells of their staff turning off’ when they had to learn quite dry training material. And we thought, it doesn’t have to be this way…

Where we’ve been…

In the beginning we epitomised a family run business. Small in size, creatively driven, focused on ingenuity and the burning of lots of midnight oil (no big bank backing here!).
The initial spark, ignited by our directors, brought together two elements their sons had great passion in, writing and animation. This was our starting point, one brother would covert syllabus and learning materials into a script with characters, with the other brother animating the courses and bringing the content to life! Dialogue was even recorded by a sister and wives-in-law. With the wizardry of an in-house developer bringing this all together as Esky, both our little red robot mascot and business where born!


Where we are…

Ever since then we’ve put our time and energy into creating a range of engaging and memorable training courses in essential subjects like Food Safety, Fire Safety and Manual Handling.
We’ve helped many thousands of trainees achieve certificates and we’re particularly thankful if you've done one!
Our training has been used in all manner of sectors; hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaway outlets, councils, schools and universities. It continues to be picked up in new sectors as well, and has even found a home in classrooms on different continents.

Where we are going…

With regards to the future, we intend to keep supplying engaging material and creative courses for those essential topics everyone needs to know in the workplace.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing us to reminisce about where we have been.

Have any tips or suggestions about how we can improve we would love to hear from you. You can get in contact here or drop us an email at

All the best,
The Esky Team

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