Why a good Learning Management System (LMS) is essential for E-Learning

Firstly let's start with the basics: what is a Learning Management System? A Learning Management System is a software system that allows e-learning providers to deliver online training courses and allows users to access the courses, track progress and store documents such as certificates. A good LMS will also provide administrative access to training managers or company owners which allows them to monitor their staff to ensure that they have participated in the courses and understood the material. It also gives start dates and completion dates to allow for planning of refresher training.

A bad LMS presents training information in a way that is difficult to understand, or perhaps overly complicated or too simplistic. A bad LMS also displays the courses in a way that is difficult to navigate, explore, absorb and understand, such as masses of text to read from the screen, or no way to save progress making the experience rigid and inflexible.

A good LMS however presents the course in an imaginitive, immersive and clear way. It gives all the required training data but in a way that can be read easily at the outset (for example a summary of staff names and completion dates) but also with the capability to quickly access more in-depth information for each individual, such as incorrect assessment answers. A good LMS has the whole range of information in a simple and easy interface, with data that can be exported in other formats.

At Esky we developed our own Learning Management System that facilitates all of the features mentioned above in the 'good LMS' statement. Data is clear, courses are easy to use and interactive, and progress is stored to allow the learner to watch the course in their own time, making for a more comfortable environment to remember the information presented.

For more information about how the Esky system works, visit our Esky Explained video here.

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