Health and safety training is an essential part of operating a business regardless of your industry or sector. At Esky, we specialise in providing online safety training that covers a wide range of aspects to help keep your business, employees and customers safe. Given the significance of health and safety, choosing the right online safety training for your business to implement is an important step to take. We have broken down five safety courses that we offer and the differences between them.


Online Fire Safety Course

Our online fire training courses are an excellent basic fire safety training to suit any business, whether it be an initial training package, a section of an employee induction or a refresher solution to improve one’s knowledge. It’s essential that all employees within the workplace are fire safety trained, making our CPD certified solution the optimal choice for your business. Furthermore, as our courses are online they are instantly available, can be accessed from anywhere and have a save progress feature enabling employees to complete it at their own pace.

Online Health & Safety Courses

Our online health & safety training is one of our recommended courses, as it provides an in-depth overview of the responsibilities of employers and employees in the workplace. This course is aimed at everyone from large and small organisations to individual users. Within our health & safety online courses we also offer a broader set of training to cover your specific business needs including hazard awareness, manual handling and inductions for the office and reception. If refresher training is what you are looking for we have broken down our refresher courses into smaller modules so you have the flexibility to choose what suits you best.

Online Manual Handling Training Course

Our online manual handling awareness course has the ideal guidelines to keep your employees safe when lifting and lowering loads is required. As well as covering the basics, this online safety training includes pushing and pulling trolleys, and using mechanical equipment to assist with lifting. This course is best suited for employees where their role requires them to regularly lift, push, pull, carry and move items by bodily force. Additionally, this manual handling training covers office workers, all types of labourers and warehouse employees.

Online First Aid Training

At Esky, we also offer a first aid theory awareness guide which covers some of the crucial concepts regarding first aid from the perspective of a first aider. This online safety training is the perfect introduction to first aid for everyone and can be used as an initial introduction or as refresher coaching. This guide is not an exhaustive list of all injuries or illnesses that could be faced as a first aider but it has been tailored to cover the most common casualty situations.

Online Food Safety Training

If you require a food safety level two certificate then our online food safety training is the ideal course for you. This certificate has been designed to support anyone requiring a basic level of food hygiene education including but not limited to food handlers, kitchen staff, waiters and childminders. Our food safety course is targeted towards large or small organisations, as well as individual users and is recognised by Environmental Health Offers. This online safety training also includes an audio visual, interactive animation element that offers an enjoyable and refreshing experience.


All of our courses follow an online format, allowing your business and employees to instantly access the training from any location. What is more, you can benefit from our ‘save progress and finish later’ feature which enables you to complete online safety training at your own pace. When you purchase one of our online courses the account also acts as an online record so you can view all progress, records and certificates in one convenient location. If you would like to find out more about any of our online safety training courses don't hesitate to get in touch directly through ourContact Page.

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