Allergen Awareness. Fish (containing Shellfish and Molluscs).

Our new weekly Food Safety blog continues with our Allergen Awareness theme. This week we are looking at the allergenic foods surrounding Fish, Shellfish and Molluscs.

Fish. People can be allergic to fish. Some pizzas, salads, dressings, relishes, and sauces may include fish as an ingredient, particularly anchovies. Fish sauce is also commonly used in Thai dishes.

Shellfish. There are a variety of different shellfish that sufferers may need to avoid, including scampi, prawns, mussels, squid and crab. In addition, shrimp paste and oyster sauce are often found in Chinese and Thai dishes and sauces.

Molluscs. This includes mussels, snails, squid and whelks. It is often found in oyster sauce or as an ingredient in fish stews.

Fish and Shellfish allergy

Common foods that contain Fish (containing Shellfish and Molluscs).

Fish can be found in a variety of different foods including:

  • Be aware of pre made dressings, relishes, and sauces. This often includes fish as an ingredient, particularly anchovies.
  • Scampi, Prawns, Mussels, Squid and Crab show also be avoid.
  • Shrimp paste and Oyster sauce

This is not an exhaustive list of Foods that people with an allergy to Fish, Shellfish and Molluscs should aviod.


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