Essential Workplace Fire Regulations

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 sets out strict fire regulations that businesses and premises owners must adhere to at all times. But do you know what these regulations entail when it comes to training your staff in fire safety?

Firstly, business owners or guardians are directly responsible for complying with regulations. Failure to comply may result in prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive. This means that if you own the business, you are responsible for your staff's fire safety training.

Secondly, risk assessments must be carried out and recorded regularly, along with the fire safety awareness training records you must keep of yourself and your staff. You must know the dangers of your workplace, note any measures taken to rectify problems, and list the fire procedures and equipment specific to your building or workplace.

Thirdly, local authorities have the right to inspect your premises and request records. Ensure that you are meeting the standards and requirements at all times.

It is recommended that staff receive fire safety training every six months. To ensure that your staff are trained quickly and effectively with instantly accessible training records use the Esky online fire safety course which can be found here.

You can also download free fire safety resources such as a fire classification chart and types of fire extinguishers here.

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