How Esky Started

It all began in the early 2000s with an idea to make basic food safety courses more accessible by harnessing online technology and combining it with our skills as animators, illustrators and web designers. Our courses were directed and animated by the 2011 BAFTA winners The Brothers McLeod, whose work has been seen on BBC, E4 and Channel 4, and at several film festivals. Nobody else was really doing this kind of thing with so-called dry topics like food hygiene, and we were excited by the prospect of creating an enjoyable way to learn.

We initially teamed up with the Royal Institute of Public Health (now the Royal Society for Public Health) and used their syllabus to ensure that our first course, the food safety course, met the correct standards. This later continued with our health and safety course, and when the RIPH changed we began having the courses independently audited by environmental health officers to keep standards high.

As our popularity grew so did our suite of courses, which now included a fire safety course and valuable manual handling training for the workplace. These both proved very popular with hotels and the hospitality industry.

We now have a complete range of safety related courses, including sector specific training such as Moving & Handling which was developed for the care sector, and Licensing for retail, as well as a First Aid Awareness guide for anyone, whether at the workplace or in the home.

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