Mandatory Health and Safety Training

Employers have a legal requirement to ensure that all staff are trained frequently in health and safety. This is especially important for new starters who may not arrive with adequate training, but existing long term staff must not be forgotten when setting out a training schedule.

Has anything changed in the workplace? Do staff need to be reminded of their responsibilities? Has legislation changed? Are there updates that need to be taught?

To ensure all bases are covered, train staff regularly with an Esky online health and safety course, whether it's an induction for new starters based on the work sector or job role, or the level 2 for more advanced or longer term staff.

And don't forget that staff should be kept up to date and aware of your annual risk assessment too, and should record and review any injuries sustained in the workplace so that lessons can be learned and workplace risks can be addressed and reduced.

If you are interested in training new starters take a look at our health and safety induction training and for existing or long term staff you can find the full online health and safety course here.

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