New Employees? Tailor Their Training

Do you have new employees in your organisation and are unsure what training they need? Or maybe you don't have time to put them through the full Health & Safety Level 2 course immediately and are looking for a way to train them in the basics in the meantime.

This is why we developed a small range of Induction courses for Health & Safety in the Workplace. These inductions are tailored to specific work-based job roles or tasks to ensure that employees receive relevant training immediately, creating a safer environment for themselves and for you as an individual and as a company.

Our induction courses come in 5 different topics:

  • Induction for Food Handlers
  • Induction for Office and Reception
  • Induction for Housekeeping
  • Induction for Maintenance and Factory
  • Induction for Retail

These five types cover most general job roles so that employers can easily access the right training for employees. The induction courses are made up of relevant components of our Health & Safety Level 2, Food Safety Level 2 and Fire Safety courses, meaning that once your employees are ready to progress, they will be familiar with the interactive style of our more in-depth courses and will have some background knowledge from which to build on.

If you're interested in these induction courses get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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