Health and Safety Myths

Today we bust some bogus claims....

Kettles banned in office as it was believed that this would encourage staff to walk around with cups

What the Health & Safety Executive said: There is no reason to ban kettles or people walking around with hot drinks. The employer needs most likely doesnt want to provide the facilities and are hiding behind a poor excuses.

Daffodils are a danger to the public

What the Health & Safety Executive said:  Officers from a local council parks department ordered the little wooden canes protecting daffodil bulbs to be removed from the village green. This was due to a member of the public complaining that someone could get hurt if they tripped and fell in the flower bed.

This is not an occupational Health & Safety issue. The request from the Parks department to remove the canes is disproportionate to the minor hazards presented from the them. Lastly, people shouldn't be trampling through the daffodil beds.

Museum cafeteria refused to serve child a soft-boiled egg

What the Health & Safety Executive said: Whatever the reason for the museum's decision not to serve soft boiled eggs, it would be better if they were transparent about this. Instead they have correctly justifying the decision by citing non existing Health & Safety grounds.

Cleaners not allowed to wear woolly hats while cleaning underground stations

What the Health & Safety Executive said: There are no Health & Safety regulations which prohibit workers from wearing woolly hats while working. Although it could be said that wearing hats cound impeding hearing or vision then this should be properly explained. It could also just be against Company policy and management did not want to say this.


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