Health and Safety Myths

Today week contine on from last week and bust some more bogus claims!....

School bans Yo-Yos and cites Health and Safety grounds.

What the Health & Safety Executive said: There are no Health & Safety laws that ban Yo-Yos from schools. Dispite there being some risk of minor inuries through misuse, it is a disproportionate response for the School to ban them outright.


Bubble machine banned from childrens birthday

What the Health & Safety Executive said:  There are no Health & Safety regulations which would prevent the use of a bubble machine at a child's party. The so called risks which have been probably cited (slipping on floor, bubbles in eyes, etc) have been grossly exaggerated.

This is again a sad case of a council hiding its own dull, corporate policy behind the Health & Safety excuses, and preventing young children having great fun at their party.


School told that they cannot display students work on windows using Blu-Tack

What the Health & Safety Executive said: A school which occupies a building owned and administered by private companies. They were told that they prohibited from displaying children's work on windows using Blu-Tack due to Health & Safety issues. It was claimed that a chemical in the Blu Tack may combine with chemicals in the glass, making them shatter.

Whatever the reason for banning the use of Blu-Tack it is not on a Health & Safety one. The manufacturer's website makes clear that the product can be used on glass. There is not other reason why the children's creative work should not be displayed for everyone to enjoy.


Children must be seated and quiet in dentist waiting rooms

What the Health & Safety Executive said: It is clearly wrong to state that this is a Health & Safety issue. While the dental practice is entirely justified in asking parents to keep their children seated and quiet out of consideration, Health & Safety should not be used as an excuse.


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