Childminder responsibilities

Over the past year Esky has been supplying more and more training to childminders, nursery workers and day care centres.

We tend to get similar questions regarding their responsibilities and what is required of them. Below we'll take a look at the common resonsibilites of most Childminders, nursery workers and playgroup staff.


Business administration

Childminder’s must devote time to ensuring ongoing records are kept up to date. This include attendance registers, learning records, policies and procedures and risk assessments.


Health and safety

A safe and healthy environment for children is paramount.


High quality child care

Childminders must ensure children’s needs are fully met.


High quality learning

A play based curriculum ensures children are making excellent progress towards the statutory Early Learning Goals. Childminders must document evidence of this for each child.



Children must be offered a nutritionally balance foods through the day.



Children must be kept safe and childminders should attend regular safeguarding training to ensure they are up-to-date with national advice and information.



Tto ensure their continued professional development, childminders take regular training.




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