Health & Safety: Made Simple

This is our first in a series of articles helping to make essential Health & Safety concepts simpler. Over the next few weeks we plan to cover a variety of topics such as Health & Safety policies, managing risks of your business, providing training, talking to and consulting your employees and many other important factors.

When it comes to Health & Safety, employers have first, a set of things they must consult their employees about, and second, a set of duties.

General duties of an employer

  • Make the workplace safe

  • Make the premises and any machinery safe

  • Ensure safe methods of work are established and followed

  • Make sure items are used, moved and stored safely

  • Provide satisfactory welfare facilities

  • Give information, training and supervisor need for Health & Safety

Who will help with your duties?

As a manager, director or employer you must appoint a competent person to help to help you meet these duties. This person should have the necessary knowledge and skills to manage Health & Safety.

You should appoint anyone, or combination of the following;

  • Yourself

  • One or more of your employees

  • An external Health & Safety Representative 

You will most likely manage most aspects of your business yourself, and with the aid of your employees. However if you are not confident of your ability to manage all Health & Safety in-house, you are required to use some external help or advice.

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