Make Arrangements for First Aid, Accidents & Ill Health

First Aid

It is your responsibility for making sure that your employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. Accidents and illness can happen at any time and First Aid can save lives and prevent smaller injuries from becoming major ones.

You need to assess what your first-aid needs are as they will depend on the circumstances in your workplace.

As a minimum, you must provide:

  • A suitably stocked first-aid box.

  • An appointed person who is responsible for First-Aid arrangements.

  • Information for all employees giving details of First-Aid arrangements.

You might decide that you need an appointed First-Aid. This is someone who would has been trained by an approved organisation and hold a qualification in First Aid at Work (or emergency first aid at work).


Accidents and Ill Health

Under Health & Safety law, you must report and keep a record of injuries, incidents and any work-related disease.

Keeping records will help you to identify patterns of accidents and injuries. This in turn will help you when completing your Risk Assessment.

Find out more about Risk Assessments here.

Your insurance company will most likely want to see your records if there is a work-related claim.


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