Provide Correct Workplace Facilities


You must protect the Health & Safety of everybody in your workplace. You are also required to provide welfare facilities for your employees. Topics you need to consider are outlined below;

Health Issues

To provide a healthy working environment, you must make sure there is:

  • Good ventilation.
  • A reasonable working temperature (usually at least 16°C, or 13°C for strenuous work).
  • Lighting suitable for work to be carried out.
  • Enough room space and suitable workstations.
  • A clean workplace.   

Safety Issues

To maintain a safe workplace you must:

  • properly maintain your premises and equipment.
  • keep floors and traffic routes free from obstruction.
  • have windows that can be opened and also cleaned safely.

Welfare Facilities

For your employees' well-being you must to provide:

  • toilets and hand basins, with soap and towels or a hand-dryer.
  • drinking water.
  • a place to store clothing and somewhere to change if needed.
  • somewhere to rest and eat meals.


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