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Essential Workplace Fire Regulations

30 05 2014 / Posted in: General News
Failure to comply with the fire regulations may result in HSE involvement or prosecution. Here are the essentials you need to know.
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Universal Infant Free School Meals

02 04 2014 / Posted in: General News
We take a looks at the recent government announcement that all children in reception, year 1 and year 2 will be entitled to free school meals.
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Training Bundle

03 01 2014 / Posted in: General News
Esky now offers an Essential Training Bundle including Food Safety, Health and Safety and your choice of another course
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Schools Discount November

05 11 2013 / Posted in: General News
We're running a schools discount over the beginning of November. Act fast as it expires on the 15th!
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What is CPD and why is it important?

31 05 2011 / Posted in: General News
In 2010 Esky Learning Ltd became CPD certified, but what is CPD and why did we get involved?
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