Open Call: Apply to our Reseller Programme

24 04 2015 / Posted in: General News
Do you have an existing training company and wish to add health & safety training to your suite of courses?
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New Employees? Tailor Their Training

23 03 2015 / Posted in: General News
Do you have new employees? Are you wondering where to start with training them in Health and Safety? We can help.
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The Rise of Games in Elearning and How Esky Got There First

20 03 2015 / Posted in: E-Learning
Gamification is becoming a hot topic in eLearning, especially with the rise of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and How To videos.
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Food Safety for Schools

27 10 2014 / Posted in: Food Hygiene News
It's half term already and lots of schools have been running training for kitchen staff and breakfast clubs so far.
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New Allergen Labelling Law Due

18 10 2014 / Posted in: Food Hygiene News
From December, all food outlets in the UK will be required to provide allergy information on unpackaged food.
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Why a Good Learning Management System is Essential for E-Learning

24 09 2014 / Posted in: E-Learning
What is a learning management system, why is it essential to have a good system for e-learning and what can Esky offer?
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How Esky Started

11 09 2014 / Posted in: General News
It all began in the early 2000s with an idea to make basic food safety courses more accessible by harnessing online technology and combining it with our skills as animators.
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How to Ensure Quality in Online Courses

16 08 2014 / Posted in: General News
How do you know the training company you use for fire safety, health and safety, food hygiene and inductions is always providing the most up-to-date information and legislation on safety?
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Good Food Hygiene Equals Good Business

31 07 2014 / Posted in: Food Hygiene News
The FSA (Food Standards Agency) is encouraging good hygiene standards by pointing out its positive effect on business.
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Why We Use Animation In Our Courses

21 07 2014 / Posted in: E-Learning
Esky courses stand out from the crowd, and that's because we take the time to design, write and animate our courses from scratch. But why?
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